Hermann Vambery "Tschagataische Sprachstudien"

Digitalization: in progress

In the table below you see the process of digitalization of the Glossary part from Hermann Vambery's "Tschagataische Sprachstudien", issued in Leipzig, 1867. Numbering goes as follows: column 1 - general number of the word, column 2 - position of the word on the page in the book. Column 3 - number of the page in the book. In the orange columns the words appear like they are given originally in "Sprachstudien", with the remarcks, spelling and punctuation preserved. In the blue columns we tried to give the closest translation from German and/or French to several other languages.

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Literature and Sources

  • Pleco app - for Chinese
  • Sozdik.kz app - for Kazakh
  • tatpoisk.net website - for Tatar

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